Reduce IRS Back Taxes

IRS Debt, Unfiled Tax Returns, Wage Garnishment,
Bank Levy

If you have not filled with the IRS and owe many months / years of IRS back taxes.  The IRS has sent you notices of collecting IRS debt with back taxes, fines and they are getting ready to garnish your wages or bank levy your accounts. You will want to contact us immediately, because we start working on your case immediately! The sooner you contact us the faster we can negotiate a settlement and solve your IRS problems.  

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with one of our experienced IRS enrolled agents or tax professionals.

Take your time communicating details to us, we're here to listen to your side of the story. Once we understand your unique tax situation, we'll get right to work by:

Consulting with the IRS to get all the details of your case. You won't ever be asked to contact the IRS yourself.

 STOP BANK LEVY - Levy-Release-Rian-W

Stopping bank levies and wage garnishments.

Custom-designing a solution to get you back into compliance.

Negotiating with the IRS to reduce your debt to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Ensuring that your taxpayer rights are protected during the entire process.


Reducing BACK TAXES and NEGOTIATING with the IRS is what we do!

Chances are, if you're dealing with IRS problems, you're feeling overwhelmed: What do you do next? How do you get started? Who do you talk to? At, our experienced tax professionals can answer all of your questions and get started on solving your tax problems no matter how complicated. - 3701 Briar Park, Suite 125, Houston, TX 77042, (855) 457-1714 - IRS Tax Resolution Services

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